About this Campus

The Faith First House of Hope Online Campus is church on the internet! You can now worship with Faith First from anywhere in the world!
Our Online Campus plays an important role because of its ability to share the message of hope and redemption to a great multitude of people—through the Internet, a modern “gateway of life.”
For millions of folks around the planet, life happens online. That’s why the ministry of our Online Campus is so vital. It provides an opportunity for people around the world to hear the message of Jesus and connect with pastors, believers, and others on the same journey.
Pastor Lawrence believes that as disciples and disciple makers, “it is our responsibility to establish a presence and represent God’s truth and love at the ‘gateway’.” Through this online community, you can connect with others, build relationships, grow in your faith, pray, and ask great questions.



Sunday 10:30a.m. Watch
Sunday Rebroadcast at 5:00p.m. Watch Rebroadcast