There are a few guidelines to follow when taking the Personality Profile.
  • Be honest – Do not censor your answers. Your first reply is your most accurate.
  • Pick your environment – Compartmentalizing life is a typical tendency. Meaning, you may act one way at work, one way at home, and one way at church. For consistency, mentally choose the environment to answer from that you spend the majority of your time.

You will be asked 92 short questions. Each question will have five possible answers:

  • Never – This is never true for me or this never applies to me.
  • Rarely – This is rarely true for me or this rarely applies to me.
  • Sometimes – This is sometimes true for me or this sometimes applies to me.
  • Often – This is often true for me or this often applies to me.
  • Always – This is always true for me or this always applies to me.

Spiritual Gifts Test and DISC Personality Assessment


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First Steps

Attend church regularly.
Worshiping and learning in community with others is one of the best ways to re-align yourself with God.
Read your Bible.
God’s Word is meant to be woven throughout our lives, giving us new wisdom with each season we experience. It’s the story of His love for us since the beginning of time—something best enjoyed daily.
We have the privilege of a direct connection to the Creator of the universe. Through prayer, God addresses our deepest hopes and fears, gives us direction, and expresses His love to us.

A Father of Faith Ministry Website BannerEssential Steps

Get Baptized.
Baptism is our way of telling the world about our relationship with Christ. Jesus did it, and it’s an important way we can follow His footsteps.
When we give, it acknowledges God as the giver of everything we have, reflects our trust that He will continue to provide for us, and allows us to be a part of His work here on earth. It’s something we do with joy.
Bring your family.
Following Jesus is a journey that becomes even more meaningful when shared. A great way to lay the groundwork is getting your kids involved in the ministry that’s designed just for them.

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Build Relationships

Connect with people in at Faith First, where you can make new friends, connect with people growing in the same area as you, or develop mentoring relationships.
​Discover Purpose.
Each of us is a masterpiece, placed on earth for a unique purpose that’s solely ours to fulfill. Uncover and pursue God’s dream for your life.
Make a difference by serving a worthy cause, by volunteering at Faith First.
Click Here to ​Discover your Spiritual Gift, by taking the Spiritual Gift Test. 

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Grow as a Leader.

Invest in others by putting your leadership into action. You’ve got lots of options, like mentoring, coaching, or starting a new ministry. Contact Pastor Lawrence to begin your Leadership Journey.
Click here to ​Take the Spiritual Gift Test.​​
Get Help.
Your next step may be gaining freedom from harmful influences in your life, like recovering from addiction or reframing unhealthy relationships.  Contact Pastor Lawrence.
Learn and Grow.
Go deeper on a topic you’re passionate about with targeted teaching and resources by contacting Pastor Lawrence
Still not sure?
​This guide will help you walk you through finding your next step.           Next Steps PDF